Commodity Buyer II

PDI has an immediate opportunity for a Commodity Buyer II. This position is responsible for proper replenishment and negotiation of assigned products. The following partial job description explains this Full-time benefited salaried position.  Work weeks are primarily Monday through Friday with periodic Saturdays and Sundays and some after hours.



  1. Reports to work when scheduled and on time.  Adheres to company policies and departmental guidelines.
  2. Maintains theoretical inventory as indicated by DPR.  Some items may deviate from DPR because of special buys or seasonality.
  3. Determines and maintains proper fill rate for each individual item.  Factors such as customer needs, seasonality, and standard deviation percent are taken into account to maintain acceptable vendor fill rates to PDI.
  4. Constantly monitors slow moving items and makes recommendations to management for corrective action.
  5. Takes advantage of forward buys to the extent shelf life and storage facilities permit and taking into consideration constraints of the transportation and warehouse departments.
  6. Prices short coded and discontinued products at an economical price in order to expedite movement.
  7. Seeks out methods to reduce costs in total system, from vendor to PDI to customer.
  8. Places vendor orders in a timely manner such that consideration to production schedules will be taken into account.  Teamwork with vendor is vital to maximize vendor fill rates.
  9. Evaluates applicable current and future market conditions in order to make purchasing decisions.
  10. At the beginning of each weekly period, updates and maintains history exceptions prior to order being placed with vendor.
  11. Approves new items in cooperation with appropriate Hy-Vee director of operations. This includes unbiased judgment on what new items to bring in, holding vendors accountable for items that do not sell, and determining the length of trial period for new items.
  12. Responds in a timely manner to customer requests for special promotions, sources special items, and follows up with all parties to assure customer satisfaction.  Works with Sales Merchandisers to secure products for upcoming promotions.
  13. Negotiates deals on products with vendors.
  14. Seeks out special buys for customers taking into account what is being advertised and product seasonality.
  15. Communicates new, discontinued, and slow moving items to Sales department and customers in a timely manner.
  16. Attends quarterly management meeting and participates in Sales and Purchasing meetings.


  • Good computer skills and spreadsheet abilities. 
  • Extensive understanding in math and/or statistics. 
  • Must be able to handle interruptions with ease. 
  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to analyze, interpret, and evaluate information. 
  • Excellent replenishment, purchasing, pricing, and market knowledge, and inventory control. 
  • Good customer relations, interpersonal, and telephone etiquette presenting a positive representation of PDI to inside and outside contacts. 
  • Good understanding of market trends.  
  • Attention to detail and ability to work accurately with figures.
  • Good organizational, problem solving, and administrative skills. 
  • This position is sedentary to light in nature according to the Department of Labor Weight Classifications with primary functions being sedentary in nature.  This is considered a skilled position with frequent to constant listening, talking, and handling of papers, files, and use of computer requiring finger dexterity.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Office environment (climate controlled). Busy atmosphere with constant interruptions. Occasionally required to monitor inventory in warehouse, encountering cold temperatures ranging from 35° - 8°.



  • High school education or equivalent required. 
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in statistics, business, math, or related area preferred. 
  • 1-3 years’ buying experience with commodity markets preferred.  

Important Disclaimer Notice: The job duties, elements, responsibilities, skills, functions, experience, educational factors and the requirements and conditions listed in this job description are representative only and not exhaustive of the tasks that an employee may be required to perform. PDI reserves the right to revise the job description at any time and to require employees to perform other tasks as circumstances or conditions of business, competitive considerations or the work environment change.



This job is not accepting applications at this time!

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